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Leasing VS. Buying? Leasing is an affordable way to drive the car you want at a fraction of the cost. You pay only for the term you have the car for vs. paying for the entire car. You are always under warranty, and the cost to maintain a new vehicle is minimal especially during the first 3 Years.


What fees are due at signing? At LAS all our leases are $0 down, excluding the normal inception fees, first month’s payment, license plates, registration, and dealer documentation fee.


Why LAS over my local dealer? At LAS we believe every customer is more than just another sale. We pride ourselves on taking care of every customer as if they were family, giving you individualized care and attention. There is no wait time or screening session before discussing what you are actually calling us about.


How does LAS get me better prices? We have the buying power and because of our volume and dealer relationships, we can secure better pricing than someone who goes to buy a car once every 3 years. The auto industry is super competitive and we constantly test the marketplace to ensure we give you the best deal.


Can I turn my current lease into LAS even if I did not lease it from LAS? Yes. Wherever your car came from we will be happy to return it to the finance company for you. Just another convenience offered to you.


Do I make my monthly payments to LAS? No. 3 weeks or so after you sign your contract you will receive a bill in the mail from the finance company. You can sign up online or mail a check to pay your bill.